Zadie’s Baked Seasoned Fries— Low Fat and


3 Tablespoons Zadie’s Barbeque Seasoning

1 pkg (aprox. 1 ½ pounds) Frozen French Fries, Potato Wedges, or

Fresh-Cut Potatoes Pieces

Non-Stick Cooking Spray

Additional Sprinkle of Zadie’s Barbeque Seasoning


Cut end off of frozen potatoes or place potatoes in a large plastic bag.  Spray potatoes

lightly with non-stick cooking spray.  Sprinkle Zadie’s Barbeque Seasoning over

potatoes in bag.  Shake to distribute seasoning.  Pour potatoes into an 11x13 pan or

cookie sheet into a single layer.  Bake potatoes at 400º for 12-15 minutes.  Turn

potatoes over, and then return pan to over for an additional 5-7 minutes.  Remove

from oven.  Spray potatoes lightly with non-stick cooking spray and sprinkle on

additional seasoning to taste.  Zadie’s Cajun Barbeque Seasoning can be

substituted for a spicier taste.




Non-Fat/Low Sodium Chip and Vegetable Dips


Using 8 ounce of Non-Fat Sour Cream, mix in Zadie’s Seasoning as shown below.

 Add additional seasonings to spicing level desired.


Barbeque Dip—Add 3 Tablespoons Zadie’s

Barbeque Seasoning.


Spicy Barbeque—Add 3 Tablespoons Zadie’s Spicy

Cajun Barbeque Seasoning.



Zadie’s Cajun Crab Dip— Low Fat and

Low Sodium


1 cup Chopped Crab Meat, cooked

1/2 cup Non-Fat Sour Cream

8 ounces Non-Fat Cream Cheese, softened

2 Tablespoons Zadie’s Cajun Barbeque Seasoning


Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl.  Great to serve with crackers and fresh vegetables.